UK Vehicle Dismantlers Ltd have been operating for many years. We offer several professional, fast and efficient services which primarily include the dismantling of cars and commercial vehicles for the sale of spare parts, we also sell cars and commercial vehicles and offer for sale some salvage repairable vehicles.

We pride ourselves on the knowledgeable, professional and prompt extensive services we offer. We specialise in breaking late model cars, vans and commercial vehicles and hold over 400 vehicles in our 10-acre site with new stock arriving daily.

Dismantling of Vehicles

We are a fully licensed authorised treatment facility with over 30 years of dismantling and are affiliated with the Environment Agency and DVLA who once we advise of a vehicle will then provide us with a Certificate of Destruction (COD).  Any vehicle that has been damaged and written off by an insurance company is dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.  Vehicles are moved to a special depollution bays within our workshops.  All hazardous liquids including engine oil, gearbox lubricants, fuel, coolant, windscreen wash, brake and clutch fluids are removed to prevent any contamination. We also meet EC Regulation 307/2008 and all air conditioning systems which contain CFC’s which destroy the ozone layer are disposed of properly.  All major parts are removed professionally and carefully by our fully trained staff and stored in our parts warehouses, the depolluted vehicles are then moved outside where they are placed into their respective make and model bays where they are accessible for any further dismantling for any specific parts required.

We offer a next day delivery service so once a part is requested it is then sent to dispatch where it is carefully packaged and sent out.

Our strict Health and Safety policy prohibits visitors from entering the yard areas unless escorted but it is possible for you to collect parts from our reception area where our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.

Cars and Commercial Vehicles for sale

We have a stock of vehicles for sale not only categorized as N & S (see additional information) but also vehicles which have not been damaged. 

We pride ourselves on the standard of repairs undertaken here. We have fully equipped workshops and paint booth which offer the facilities to repair any damaged vehicle. Over the years we have provided many satisfied customers with vehicles which have been repaired by us, due to this fact we have gained a fantastic reputation which generates repeat business and recommendations.  

Salvage Repairable Stock

Due to the large amount of damaged repairable salvage (Cat N & S) that we have in stock, we also offer the customer the opportunity of purchasing the vehicle for the customer to manage the repair themselves.

Auto Body Repair Service

Following a motor vehicle accident, it is your right to have your vehicle repaired at any shop you choose. You don’t have to use the body shop that the insurance company recommended, by law the choice is yours. If you choose to repair your vehicle then we can provide a quote to repair the damage.

UK Vehicle Dismantlers have a professional body repair shop and are specialists with over 25 years of experience of repairing Category N & S vehicles (previously C & D vehicles). We pride ourselves on the quality of our car repairs which has given us fantastic reputation and generates repeat business and recommendations.


We can service your vehicle using genuine or OE (Original Equipment) specification parts and oils and are able to service your vehicle to the manufacturers set requirements to ensure your car stays reliable and roadworthy whilst you own it.

We offer both interim services or full services depending on your requirements.

Please call for pricing and more information.

Air Conditioning

We offer both the old refrigerant r134a which is installed in most vehicles, but we also can offer the NEW gas R1234yf which is now used in all new cars.

Please call for pricing and more information.